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Howard Dekkers

Howard is a self-made multi-millionaire that started from a humble background in a lower middle class family in Detroit. He found his dream life was being lived by those who owned their own businesses, so he set his sights on becoming a business owner himself and successfully did so.

Howard is a retired entrepreneur who has a passion of seeing others achieve the same success and wealth that he has. He could be lounging on a beach letting his investments and wealth take care of him, but would rather be in the trenches helping people like you trying to get ahead in the world.

Howard’s teachings aren’t mythical or some kind of “get rich quick” scheme. They are tested and timeless financial fundamentals that got him results, and can do the same for you too!

  Will the current economy prevent me from getting started? 

No, regardless of the economy, these fundamentals will work. 

  How long will it take to become financially independent?

That depends on you, your commitment, and the particulars of your individual situation. 

  What if I don’t have money to get started? 

It’s never about what money you’ve got coming in, it’s all about what you do with the money that you get.

  What if I’ve tried other wealth programs and have failed? 

The truth is, failure doesn’t happen until you completely give up. As long as you keep trying you’ll always move forward and find yourself in a better position. 

  Is it really possible to become a multi-millionaire if I’m starting from the bottom? 

Anything is possible as long as you’re willing to make the choices and put in the work. I’m living proof of that and one day you can be too. 

  How exactly does this work? 

It’s 7 weeks of online training that will teach you the fundamentals to get the results. I’ll be guiding you the entire way. 

  Will I be able to ask questions and get help?

Yes, I’ll be there for you the entire time. Answering questions and helping find you solutions. 

  What if I’m just getting by and just getting started, should I even bother? 

Yes, there isn’t a financial level that would disqualify you from getting started. 

  Does it matter where I live and will that impact my results?

No, location doesn’t matter but effort does. 

  What if I’m not ready to make any changes? 

Then, you’re probably not ready to secure your future. No one can do the work for you, but I can be there to help you through it. 

  Does your program only work for those who have businesses? 

No, my program works for anyone of any age and from any industry. 

  Do I need to have a degree to understand this and put it to work for me? 

No, no kind of degree or financial literacy requirement exist. 

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©Howard Dekkers 2021 All Rights Reserved | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy

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